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June 5, 2005

Maintaining the Crothers Road Firebreak

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Before - note the shed roof behind me

After - these are drainage lines for the retaining wall and Highland Drive


Looking up Crothers Road (east) at the County
Roads and Airports crew and their long row of
freshly cut weeds and grass. To the right, below
the retaining wall, is County property. The south
side of Alum Rock Park (City property) is at the left.

Looking down from the top (near Highland Drive). The
retaining wall is at the right. Crothers Road is in the
upper left corner. All this work has to be done with hand
tools, and the cut weeds and grass raked down to Crothers
Road, because the slope is too steep for tractor mowers.

(NNV Photos)

Click here for more photos of the Crothers Road Firebreak. The firebreak is on Crothers Road along the south side of Alum Rock Park from Alum Rock Avenue to Peacock Gap Drive to help prevent fires originating in Alum Rock Park from jumping Crothers Road to the East Highlands. This is just a small part of the firebreak along the closed part of Crothers Road near Alum Rock Avenue. The rest of the firebreak will be maintained later this spring.

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